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Warm Audio WA-47jr Large Diaphragm Multipattern FET Condenser Microphone - Mint/Open Box Condition (Complete with All Accessories and Box)


Elevate your recordings with the Warm Audio WA-47jr, a state-of-the-art condenser microphone that captures every nuance of your sound with pristine clarity. In mint condition and open box, this microphone is a faithful tribute to the vintage '47 style, renowned for its smooth, rich, and detailed audio reproduction. Whether you're recording vocals, acoustic instruments, or amplifiers, the WA-47jr will bring professional studio quality to your projects.



- FET Transformerless Design: Provides a smooth, wide frequency response ideal for a professional recording environment.

- Cardioid, Figure-8, and Omni Polar Patterns: Versatile configurations to best capture the source in any recording situation.

- High-Pass Filter: Minimizes low-frequency noise and rumble for cleaner recordings.

- Pad Switch: Attenuates the input signal to prevent overloading and distortion.

- Premium Components: Equipped with high-quality capacitors and components for unrivaled audio fidelity.

- Includes: Shock mount, hard mount, and a premium storage box, ensuring you have all the necessary tools for optimal setup.


Types of Usage:

- Studio Recording: Perfect for capturing vocals and acoustic instruments with clarity and depth.

- Podcasting and Broadcasting: Deliver professional, broadcast-quality sound for your audience.

- Home Studio: Enhance your home recordings with the versatility and quality of the WA-47jr.

- All Audio Projects: From professional studio sessions to personal projects, adapt to any recording need.


This microphone comes in an open box but is in mint condition, complete with all original accessories and the manufacturer's box. The Warm Audio WA-47jr condenser microphone is your gateway to achieving top-tier sound quality.


Don’t miss out on this exceptional offering. Enhance your audio recordings by adding this essential tool to your gear. The WA-47jr is ready to capture the heart of your sound. Message now to secure this exquisite microphone!

Warm Audio WA-47jr Large Diaphragm Condenser Microphone

SKU: 80108
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