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Steinberg UR22C Recording Pack

Your Complete Recording Solution with USB 3.1 Audio Interface, Condenser Microphone and Headphones


The UR22C Recording Pack is the complete package for recording high-quality music, podcasts or interviews and for live streaming audio. The compact, rugged UR22C audio interface has all the connections and facilities needed to record in fantastic 32-bit/192kHz quality, with the included ST-M01 microphone and ST-H01 headphones ensuring that you have everything you need to make great recordings.

The UR22C audio interface has inputs for microphones and instruments, MIDI inputs and outputs, so every instrument or voice can be recorded in great quality. Listen while recording using latency-free monitoring with DSP effects while fast, reliable connectivity to computers or iOS devices lets you record and mix anywhere. The included high-quality condenser microphone, XLR cable, headphones and Cubase AI recording software make it the ideal recording package.

• 2-bit/192 kHz audio resolution
• Superspeed USB 3.1 with USB-C
• Ultra-rugged build
• Latency-free monitoring with DSP effects
• Class-A D-PRE mic preamps
• Compatible with all major audio software
• iOS ready via CC Mode
• Loopback function for streaming



• Cubase AI
• Cubasis LE
• WaveLab LE
• dspMixFx mixing application


Bundled effects plug-in suite
The UR-Cs come with both VST 3 and AU versions of the onboard DSP plug-ins, providing additional useful sound-shaping and FX tools. The Basic FX Suite comprises three software components: REV-X reverb, Sweet Spot Morphing Channel Strip, and Guitar Amp Classics, all developed by Yamaha and incorporating modeling technology.

REV-X reverb
The REV-X built into UR-C interfaces is a complex reverb algorithm, renowned for its high-density, richly reverberant sound quality, with smooth attenuation, spread and depth that work together to enhance the original, dry sound. Featuring three types of reverb effect Hall, Room and Plate simulations all include reverb time and level controls. REV-X is a truly classic reverb effect, perfect for bringing a professional sheen to every recording.

Sweet Spot Morphing Channel Strip
Developed to deliver a highly musical result, the Sweet Spot Morphing Channel Strip combines a sidechain-enabled compressor and a three-band parametric equalizer.

Guitar Amp Classics
Guitar Amp Classics are guitar amplifier effects that make extensive use of advanced Yamaha modeling technology, delivering highly realistic and finely tuned emulations of classic tube and transistor amplifier tones. Four amp types with different sonic characteristics are provided.

Optimized for clean tones, this amp effectively simulates the tight brilliance of transistor amplifiers. Also featuring built-in chorus and vibrato, the tonal character of this model provides an ideal sonic foundation for recording with multi-effects.

This is the amp type to use when you want lightly overdriven crunch tones. It simulates the type of vintage tube amplifiers that are favored for classic blues, rock, soul, RnB and similar styles.

The DRIVE amp type provides a selection of distortion sounds that simulate the tonal character of high-gain tube amplifiers. From mildly overdriven crunch to heavy distortion suitable for hard rock, heavy metal, or hardcore styles, this model offers a wide range of sonic opportunities.

This amp type simulates a high gain tube amp that is rich in overtones. Ideally suited to playing lead guitar lines that will fit well within an ensemble mix, it can also be set up for crisp accompaniment tones, making it a very versatile emulation.


The included ST-M01 studio condenser microphone rivals high-quality studio mics with its clean, smooth response, high sensitivity and wide frequency response, which is ideal for recording every nuance of your desired audio source. Whether you are recording vocals, interviews, acoustic guitar, any other instrument or even making field recordings, the ST-M01 captures every detail of the sound in excellent quality.

The ST-H01 monitor headphones included in the UR22C Recording Pack provide an accurate, sonically neutral listening experience, making them the ideal companion for monitoring during recording and when doing your final mix. The close-backed design means low bleed levels into the microphone during vocal recording, ideal for singers recording their own vocals.


AD/DA: 32 bit
Maximum sample rate: 192 kHz
Dynamic range input: 102 [dB]

Total number of inputs: 2
Total number of indiviudal outputs: 2
Total number of Outputs: 2
Microphone preamp: D-PRE
Microphone inputs: 2
Inputs with line level: 2
Inputs with HI-Z: 1
Analog inputs TRS: 0
Analog inputs Combo: 2
Analog outputs TRS: 2
Phantom power: 2
Headphone: With dedicated volume control
Headphones outputs: 1
Digital In ADAT: 0
Digital Out ADAT: 0
Digital In S/PDIF Optical: 0
Digital In AES/EBU RS422: 0
Digital Out S/PDIF Optical: 0
Digital Out AES/EBU RS422: 0

DSP Features
Monitoring: Latency free monitoring with FX
Onboard DSP: SSP 3
• True Integrated Monitoring with FX in Cubase
• High-Pass filter
• REV-X Reverb
• Sweet Spot Morphing Channel Strip

Steinberg UR22C Recording Pack (Audio Interface, Condenser Mic and Headphones)

SKU: 12062021
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