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Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Pro (SM-R920) 2022 Model 45mm - Black with Titanium Case:

The Ultimate Smart Watch for Active Lifestyles

Condition Note: Pristine and like new, this Galaxy Watch 5 Pro comes complete with its original charger and packaging.

Revolutionize Your Health and Fitness:

  • Advanced Sleep Tracker: Experience a comprehensive sleep analysis and receive personalized sleep coaching to enhance your rest quality.
  • Body Composition Analysis: Get instant insights on body fat, skeletal muscle, and more, right from your wrist, making health tracking more accessible than ever.
  • Heart Rate Monitoring: The curved Samsung Bioactive Sensor provides more accurate heart rate data, keeping you informed about your wellness.


Designed for the Great Outdoors:

  • Auto Workout Tracking: Automatically recognizes popular activities, while manual tracking covers over 90 exercises, including HIIT.
  • Enhanced Durability: Features a robust sapphire crystal glass display, 1.6x stronger for outdoor challenges, and a sturdy titanium case for the Pro model.
  • Long-Lasting Battery: Ideal for extended outdoor adventures, ensuring your watch keeps up with your pace.


Navigation and Connectivity:

  • GPS Navigation: Reliable turn-by-turn directions and enhanced GPS keep you on track during your explorations.
  • Galaxy Ecosystem Sync: Seamlessly connect with other Galaxy devices for a unified experience.
  • Extended Phone Connectivity: Effortlessly pair with your smartphone for calls, texts, emails, and music, even when away from your phone.


Personalize Your Style:

  • Customizable Watch Faces and Bands: Tailor your watch to fit your mood and style with a wide selection of bands and watch faces.


Our take: "As avid tech enthusiasts, we've been thrilled with the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Pro. Its rugged build, combined with advanced health features, makes it a constant companion whether you're hiking trails or navigating city streets. Its seamless integration with the Galaxy phone and the customizable design means it fits perfectly into any active and connected lifestyle."

Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Pro Titanium Smart Watch

SKU: 79410
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