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Native Instruments Traktor Kontrol D2 DJ Mixing Interface


Step into the future of DJ performance with the Native Instruments Traktor Kontrol D2, a cutting-edge DJ mixing interface designed for precision control over Traktor software. The Kontrol D2 is a powerhouse for creative DJs who thrive on live remixing, layering effects, and intuitive control over Stems and Remix Decks. Its sleek, portable design packs a wealth of technology designed to enhance your performance and let your creativity flow unrestricted.


At the heart of the D2’s interface is a high-resolution, full-color display that keeps you focused on the music—not the laptop. The display provides real-time visualization of tracks, effects, and Remix Deck components, making it easy to manage your sets without missing a beat. Touch-sensitive controls and faders respond to your every move, offering hands-on, tactile feedback that brings your sets to life.


The D2’s innovative performance pads unlock the potential of creative mixing, with easy access to loops, hot cues, and samples. Meanwhile, the touch strip provides expressive control over track position, pitch bend, and more. Integrated USB hub simplifies connectivity, allowing you to hook up additional gear with ease. Whether used standalone or as part of a larger Traktor setup, the Kontrol D2 is built to impress.


Condition Note:

This Native Instruments Traktor Kontrol D2 comes in excellent condition, housed in its original boxing with all the essential accessories included. It has been preserved with the utmost care, showing minimal signs of use. Every button, knob, and touch-sensitive control works flawlessly, guaranteeing a seamless integration into your DJ setup. This unit represents a superb opportunity for DJs to elevate their performance with Traktor's innovative features in a compact, versatile interface.

Native Instruments Traktor Kontrol D2 DJ Mixing Interface

SKU: 03202024_2
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