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Native Carved 14kt Gold 7.3 grams Orca Pendant by Northwest Coast Artist, Signed


Discover the majesty of the sea with this captivating 14kt gold pendant, intricately carved to depict an orca, a cherished symbol in Northwest Coast Native tradition. This fine piece, weighing 7.3 grams and 1 1/4 inches in diameter, is a testament to the orca's celebrated place in the natural world and indigenous lore.


Orca: The Ocean's Guardian

The orca, known for its intelligence and complex social structures, is revered as a powerful totem. This pendant brings to life the orca's spirit through exquisite formline artistry, symbolizing community, navigating life's journey, and protecting home waters.


Masterful Artistry in Gold:


Working with gold is a practice reserved for the most skilled and respected artists among Northwest Coast tribes. It's a tradition that demands precision and creativity. Master carvers who work with this precious metal have often dedicated years to perfecting their art, achieving a level of excellence recognized by their community and collectors. The use of gold elevates their traditional designs to a modern luxury standard, creating a timeless piece that bridges cultures and generations.


A Piece Steeped in Cultural Heritage


This pendant is a piece infused with the storytelling of the Northwest Coast. The orca's depiction in this pendant carries narratives of kinship and the balance of nature, resonating with anyone who values the profound interconnectedness of all life.


Pristine Condition and Authentic Design


Crafted with the utmost attention to detail, this pendant remains pristine, its gold surface polished to a gleaming finish. The artist's signature on the back assures its authenticity and the distinctive hand that brought the orca's image to golden life.


Legacy and Artistry Combined


Embrace this opportunity to own a piece of wearable art that conveys the richness of Northwest Coast Native culture. This pendant promises to be a conversation piece and a cherished heirloom, transcending time with its enduring symbol of the orca.


Connect with the Orca's Powerful Essence

This pendant awaits someone who understands the significance of the orca within Northwest Coast Native culture. Make it a central piece in your collection, and carry the spirit of the orca wherever you go.

Native Carved 14kt Gold 7.3 grams Orca Pendant by Northwest Coast Artist, Signed

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