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🌟 Mesa Boogie Roadster: The Ultimate Guitarist's Dream Machine 🌟


🕵️🎸 Condition Notes:

🔹Vintage Road-Worn Look: Minor wear, adding to its authentic charm.

🔹Tubes in Prime Condition: Delivering that signature Mesa Boogie warmth.

🔹🚫: Footswitch not included, but the amp roars to life without it.


🔥 Mesa Boogie Roadster: A 4-Channel Powerhouse:Think of it as a time machine, set to the golden era of guitar tones, but with a passport to the future of sound.


🎛️ Channel Your Creativity:

🔹Channels 1 & 2: Dive into a sea of classic cleans and crisp, American Blues, and British Rock tones.

🔹Channels 3 & 4: Unleash the beast with the iconic high-gain sounds that made Mesa Boogie a legend.


🎼 Diverse Tonal Landscape:

🔹Multi-Watt Power: Switch between 50 and 100 watts for each channel, shaping your sound from a gentle purr to a roaring beast.

🔹Tube Rectifier Tracking: Customize your sag and response with the unique 5U4 tube rectification options.


🎸 Reverb Like No Other:

🔹Lush, Ambient Reverb: Each channel sports a dedicated mix control, allowing you to tailor the reverb perfectly to each tone.


👨‍🎤💭 Our Take: "The Mesa Boogie Roadster is a guitarist's dream. Its versatile channels, from clean to scorching high-gain, offer a palette for any genre. Whether you're a blues purist or a metalhead, this amp adapts to you, not the other way around. It's like having a personal sound engineer right inside your amp."

Mesa Boogie Roadster Dual Rectifier 4-Channel 120-Watt Guitar Combo Tube Amp

SKU: 78578
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