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🌟iHome Playglow+ Rechargeable Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker with Mega Battery 🎶


🎉Embrace the Great Outdoors with Music and Lights: The iHome Playglow+ transforms any outdoor space into a vibrant concert, combining exceptional sound with mesmerizing visuals. Ready to elevate your adventure! 🎉💦


🕵️Condition & Features:

🔹Pristine Performance: Excellently maintained, ensuring high-quality audio and visual delight.

🔹Mega Battery: Powers up to 32 hours of non-stop music, making it your reliable musical partner.


🚀 Key Sound & Light Show Highlights:

🔹Bluetooth Connectivity: Effortlessly pairs with devices up to 100 feet away, for music that moves with you.

🔹360-Degree Lights: Dazzling LED light show with multiple modes: slow fade, vibrant color change, pulse-to-music, and more!

🔹Water & Sand Resistant: IP67 rating guarantees protection against water and sand, perfect for beach and poolside fun.

🔹Floats on Water: Designed to float, it's a pool party's best friend!


💡 Portable & Powerful:

🔹Rechargeable Battery: Long-lasting playtime, ideal for extended outdoor escapades.

🔹Crystal-Clear Audio: Delivers rich, immersive sound, elevating your outdoor listening experience.


💁💭 Why Choose Playglow+?: "Its robust sound, combined with stunning light effects, brings life to any outdoor gathering. Whether it's a beach day, camping trip, or pool party, this speaker is a game-changer. The waterproof design means it’s ready for any adventure, and the impressive battery life ensures the music never stops."

iHome Playglow+ Rechargeable Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker

SKU: 12272023
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