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🌟 iHome iW30 PowerValet Pro: Wake Up to Convenience 🕰️


🌞 Embrace Efficient Mornings and Peaceful Nights: iHome iW30 PowerValet Pro combines technology and tranquility, bringing a blend of convenience and calm to your bedside. Charge, sleep, and wake up rejuvenated! 🌞🔋


🕵️Condition & Multi-Device Charging:

🔹Impeccable State: Maintained in excellent condition, ready to streamline your daily routine.

🔹3-in-1 Charging Station: Qi Wireless pad, 20W USB-C PD, and 5W USB-A ports, energizing your phone, headphones, and watch simultaneously.


🌙 Nightlight & Display:

🔹Soothing Amber Glow: Rear nightlight doubles as a soft light source and a part of the simulated sunrise alarm.

🔹Adaptive LED Display: The clock's brightness adjusts manually or automatically, responding to the ambient light for optimal visibility.


Alarm Features:

🔹Versatile Alarm Options: Choose from a simulated sunrise or a classic buzzer, with daily, weekday, or weekend schedules.

🔹Sure Alarm Backup: Integrated CR2450 battery ensures the alarm works even during power outages.


🔔 Tailored Convenience:

🔹Programmable Snooze: Customize your snooze duration from 1 to 29 minutes, perfect for those extra minutes of rest.

🔹Timekeeping Perfection: Offers both 12 and 24-hour formats, complete with a handy calendar function.


💁💤 Why iHome iW30?: "The iHome iW30 PowerValet Pro is a modern lifestyle hub. Its multi-device charging capabilities declutter your space, while the calming nightlight and sunrise simulation provide a gentle start to the day. It’s ideal for anyone seeking efficiency and serenity in their waking moments."


iHome iW30 Powervalet Pro Wireless Charging Clock

SKU: 12272023
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