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Elegant 23.3 gram 14kt Gold Bangle by Master Northwest Coast Native American Carver


Step into a world where tradition meets luxury with this beautifully crafted 14kt gold Native American Carved bangle weighing 23.3 grams. A piece that shines with the rich heritage of Northwest Coast artistry. This bangle is a wearable piece of history, carefully created by a master carver whose signature is a testament to their high skill level.


Masterful Artistry in Gold:


Working with gold is a practice reserved for the most skilled and respected artists among Northwest Coast tribes. It's a tradition that demands precision and creativity. Master carvers who work with this precious metal have often dedicated years to perfecting their art, achieving a level of excellence recognized by their community and collectors. The use of gold elevates their traditional designs to a modern luxury standard, creating a timeless piece that bridges cultures and generations.


Formline Design:


The bangle showcases the distinctive formline style renowned in Native art from the Northwest Coast. This complex art form is all about flowing lines and shapes that connect to tell stories of the natural and supernatural. Every curve and line in the design has a purpose, and the gold medium allows these stories to be said with an added layer of elegance and permanence.


Cultural Heritage:


Each pattern on this bangle is steeped in cultural significance, carrying meanings shared over many generations. These designs are not just visually stunning; they're a nod to the deep connections and rich narratives of the Northwest Coast tribes.


Immaculate Condition:


The bangle is in impeccable condition, reflecting its cherished status and the careful maintenance it has received. Its polish is as lustrous as if it had just left the hands of the carver, ready to adorn the wrist of its new owner.


Investment in Artistry:


Owning this bangle goes beyond having a beautiful piece of jewelry. It's an investment in a form of art that's gaining recognition and value. As more people become aware of the intricacy and meaning behind these designs, pieces like this bangle become a statement of cultural appreciation and an investment in indigenous craftsmanship.


Unraveling the Artist's Tale:


The artist's mark on this bangle is your invitation to explore the story behind its creation. While the signature adds a layer of intrigue, it also speaks to the authenticity of this masterwork. This bangle is an opportunity to carry and preserve a piece of the artist's legacy.


Comfort and Size:


Designed for comfort and aesthetic appeal, the bangle's size ensures a perfect fit. It gracefully encircles the wrist, measuring 7 1/2 inches in total circumference, with a 6 1/4 inch length of 14kt gold and a thoughtful gap for easy wear and removal. The gap design also allows for slight adjustments to snugly fit most wrists. At 3/4 inch in width, the bangle is substantial enough to make a statement while remaining refined and comfortable for everyday wear. It weighs a significant 23.3 grams, indicative of the quality and quantity of 14kt gold from which it is carved, assuring its wearer of its aesthetic appeal and its tangible value and substance.


Ideal for anyone who values art and storytelling, this bangle is more than an adornment—it's a piece of cultural pride you can carry.

Elegant 23.3 gram 14kt Gold Bangle by Master Northwest Coast Native Carver

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