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Elegant 14kt Gold 5/8" 5.1 grams Ring with Eagle and Wolf Carving by SS


Immerse yourself in the profound symbolism of the Northwest Coast with this exquisite 14kt gold wrap ring, masterfully weighing 5.1 grams. Stretching 5/8 inches from one end to the other, this unique piece harmoniously unites the majestic eagle and the cunning wolf at its ends, embodying the essence of balance and duality—sky and earth, intellect and intuition, individuality and community. Each animal is meticulously carved, reflecting the rich cultural heritage and artistry of Native Northwest Coast tribes. Signed by the artist with the initials SS, this ring servs as a portal to a deeper understanding of life's interconnectedness as perceived by indigenous peoples and reminding us of the delicate equilibrium that sustains existence.

Eagle: Sky's Sovereign

The eagle, soaring high above the earth, is a potent symbol of power, wisdom, and freedom. In Northwest Coast Native culture, the eagle is revered for its unparalleled vision, embodying the ability to see beyond the immediate, to discern truth and wisdom. It is often associated with leadership, strength, and the courage to embark on journeys of the spirit. Wearing this ring connects the bearer to the eagle's empowering essence, encouraging the pursuit of higher knowledge and the embrace of expansive perspectives.


Wolf: The Earth's Pathfinder

Contrasting the eagle's mastery of the skies, the wolf embodies deep connections with the earth, symbolizing loyalty, family ties, and an intuitive sense of community. Renowned for its sharp intellect and pack mentality, the wolf teaches the importance of social connections, effective communication, and the strength found in unity. This ring's wolf carving invites the wearer to explore the depths of relationships, loyalty, and the instinctual power of belonging.


Craftsmanship and Cultural Legacy

Fashioned from 14kt gold, the ring's elegant design and fine craftsmanship echo the traditions of the Northwest Coast Native artists, who are renowned for their skill in transforming natural materials into meaningful art pieces. The artist's signature, SS, is a guarantee of authenticity and a direct link to the continuation of these cultural practices, ensuring that each piece carries the weight of cultural heritage and the stories of the land.


A Testament to Tradition and Modernity

Owning this ring is an opportunity to celebrate the rich tapestry of Northwest Coast Native culture, encapsulating centuries-old traditions while seamlessly fitting into contemporary styles. It's a piece that speaks of the wearer's appreciation for art that transcends time, offering a tangible connection to the stories, values, and aesthetics of the Northwest Coast peoples.


Embrace this unique blend of symbolism, artistry, and cultural identity with the 14kt gold wrap ring, and carry the spirit of the eagle and the wolf with you, a constant reminder of the beauty and complexity of the natural world and our place within it.

Elegant 14kt Gold 5/8" 5.1 grams Ring with Eagle and Wolf Carving by SS

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