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DJI Action 2 Power Combo 4K Action Camera: Your Adventure, Masterfully Captured


Condition: Like new! Comes with a USB charging cable and a 64GB micro SD card.

Note: Box and additional accessories are not included.


4K Brilliance, Unleashed Creativity: Capture life in motion with 4K/120fps video, offering stunningly clear and detailed visuals. Every frame becomes a visual masterpiece, immersing you in the beauty of your adventures.


Portable Innovation: Lightweight and wearable, this compact camera is an adventurer's dream. It's always ready to document your journey, no matter where it takes you.


Magnetic Versatility: The camera's magnetic design opens up a world of possibilities. Attach various modules and accessories easily for creative and unique filming perspectives.


Your Adventure Kit Includes:


  • DJI Action 2 Camera: The heart of your storytelling.
  • DJI Action 2 Power Module: For those longer, unforgettable journeys.
  • 64GB MicroSD Card: Conveniently store and relive your memories.
  • Power Cable: Stay charged and ready for action.


Advanced Features for Today's Creators:


  • 7.6 mm CMOS Sensor & 12MP Images: Capture high-clarity, breathtaking photos.
  • HorizonSteady Stabilization: Enjoy shake-free, stable footage in any scenario.
  • AI Editor & Mimo App: Easily edit and share your videos live on social media.
  • Extended Runtime: Record up to 3 hours with the Power Module.
  • Vast Storage Capacity: Up to 256 GB to capture more of your adventures.
  • Versatile Mounting Options: Including magnetic mounts and more for your creative needs.


Elevate your filmmaking with the DJI Action 2 Power Combo, whether it's fast-paced action or serene scenes. This camera doesn't just capture moments; it turns them into crafted visual stories.

DJI Action 2 Power Combo 4K Action Camera

SKU: 10312023
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