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Shelby Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar: A Modern Vintage Essence


Introducing the Shelby acoustic guitar, a masterpiece with a modern vintage soul, crafted by Japan's renowned luthiers. This instrument combines the revered precision and quality of Japanese craftsmanship with the vibrant spirit of contemporary music.

Guitar Notes

  • Excellent Craftsmanship with Signs of Love: The guitar is in poor condition, showing impressions, dings, and scratches that add to its character.
  • Damage: A crack at the neck-body junction highlights its resilience and history.
  • Mother of Pearl : The headstock proudly features the name "Shelby" in elegant mother of pearl inlay
  • Played with Dedication: The fretboard shows gentle grooves from frequent use, adding to the instrument's storied past.


Our Take: This Shelby dreadnought acoustic guitar, with its blend of youthful vigour and seasoned character, invites musicians and collectors to be part of its unfolding story. It inspries creativity, resonating with the stories of those of past musicians and waiting to inspire its next caretaker.

Shelby Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar - Made in Japan

SKU: 79922
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