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16-inch MacBook Pro with M1 Pro: A Marvel of Pro-Level Computing

Elevate your professional and creative endeavors with the 16-inch MacBook Pro, equipped with the trailblazing Apple M1 Pro chip. Released in October 2021, this MacBook Pro is a portable studio designed to empower pros with its unparalleled performance, captivating Liquid Retina XDR display, and comprehensive connectivity suite.

Condition & Accessories:

  • Condition: Excellent, with light scratches and small pinpoint impressions on the rear shell body.
  • Power Supply: Comes with a powerful aftermarket USB-C charger, ensuring fast charging.
  • Packaging: The original box is not included.
  • Battery Life: 96% battery health with 98 charge cycles. 


Key Highlights:

  • Visual Mastery: The 16.2-inch Liquid Retina XDR display, with a 3456x2234 resolution and 1,000,000:1 contrast ratio, makes HDR content burst with specular highlights and deep shadows, presenting colors that are true to life and incredibly vibrant.
  • M1 Pro Chip Power: Fueled by the M1 Pro (or M1 Max) chip—the first Apple silicon engineered for professionals—it delivers astounding performance and remarkable battery life, setting a new benchmark for what professionals can expect from a laptop.
  • ProMotion Technology: Experience ultra-smooth scrolling and responsiveness with ProMotion, introducing up to 120Hz refresh rates for the first time on a Mac, optimizing both power consumption and visual fluidity.
  • All-In Connectivity: Features an array of ports including an SDXC card reader, HDMI output, and Thunderbolt 4 ports, complemented by the quick-connecting MagSafe 3 port, offering a comprehensive connectivity ecosystem for all your peripherals.
  • Enhanced Multimedia: The MacBook Pro revolutionizes audio and video quality with a 1080p FaceTime HD camera and a six-speaker sound system, supporting spatial audio for an immersive sound experience, making every interaction more vivid and engaging.
  • Optimized for Professionals: Over 10,000 apps and plug-ins are finely optimized for Apple silicon, while Rosetta 2 smoothly translates Intel-based apps, ensuring seamless performance across all your professional software.
  • Eco-Conscious Design: Emphasizing Apple's environmental commitment, it's crafted with a 100% recycled aluminum enclosure and utilizes recycled rare earth elements, aligning cutting-edge technology with sustainability.


Our Take: The 16-inch MacBook Pro with M1 Pro chip is a gateway to unlocking new levels of creativity and productivity. Whether you're editing high-resolution video, developing complex code, or simply enjoying immersive entertainment, this MacBook Pro is designed to accompany you, proving that power and portability can coexist in harmony.

Apple MacBook Pro 16" - M1 Pro - 16GB - 1TB SSD - Space Grey

SKU: 79909
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