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We offer pawn loans, a unique type of asset lending allowing you to borrow against collateral you already own instead of leveraging your future credit. What that means is that A-1 Trade & Loan Ltd. specializes in turning “Things into Fast Cash.” There are two very different ways a pawn loan can be a solution to receive cash. We loan you cash and hold your asset until you pay us back “Or” We will purchase your valuables today.
The important thing to remember is that with a pawn loan you have choices when looking to access the cash equity in your collateral. You need cash now and our goal is to offer you more ways to get the help you need fast. We understands that you have worked hard for the items you own and we intimately understand the investment you have made in “things” like your jewellery, electronics, musical instruments and other valuable assets. 
Your pawn loan allows you to not give up ownership of your valuables. We simply hold your luxury item in our secure facility until you pay the pawn loan off. Retain the equity in your valuable no matter what the market is doing.

It is our goal to evaluate your asset accurately so that we can loan you the cash you need. Keep in mind that your pawn loan collateral is only being held by A-1 Trade & Loan Ltd. until you pay the pawn loan off. 

Pawn loans are discrete, convenient, and safe. Your privacy and confidentiality are always protected here at A-1 Trade & Loan Ltd. 
Even though one might have the best of intentions, sometimes life happens and one is not able to pay back the pawn loan. That's OK. The only consequence is the forfeiture of your pawned collateral to settle the pawn loan.


We never check your credit and we never report to any credit agency. Your pawn loan transaction begins and ends securely within our pawn shop.

Infographic on's Pawn Loan page, detailing the process of obtaining a pawn loan at A-1 Trade & Loan, Vancouver's oldest pawn shop. Step 1: 'Visit Us' - customers are invited to bring their items for inspection. Step 2: 'Get Cash' - based on the item's value, customers receive cash instantly. Step 3: '30 Days Term' - offers a period of up to 30 days to reclaim pawned items. Step 4: '+60 Days Bonus' - an additional 60 days grace period post-contract expiry to re-purchase items, during which the items are reserved exclusively for the customer. Step 5: 'Review' - encourages satisfied customers to leave feedback on Google & Yelp. This infographic provides a clear, step-by-step guide to the convenient and customer-friendly pawn loan services offered at A-1 Trade & Loan
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