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🥁 Zildjian 1970's Avedis Zildjian 14" Crash Cymbal: A Timeless Beat from the Past 🥁


🕵️🎸Condition Note:

🔹Vintage Vibes: A true gem from the 1970s, preserved in excellent condition.

🔹Unblemished History: No splits or cracks, just pure, historical sound quality.


🎶 A Classic Reborn: Step back into the golden era of music with the Zildjian 1970's Avedis 14" Crash Cymbal. This authentic piece from the 1970s carries with it the legacy of a bygone era, offering drummers a chance to infuse their music with a piece of history.


🔔 Quality That Stands the Test of Time: Crafted from the finest bronze, this cymbal has weathered decades, yet continues to deliver the distinct, crisp sound that Zildjian is renowned for. It's a testament to the enduring quality of Zildjian's craftsmanship, a quality that has set the standard in the music world for generations.


🎵 Vintage Sound, Modern Appeal:

🔹Diameter: 14 inches of vintage bronze, perfect for versatile crash sounds.

🔹Tone: Expect a bright, responsive crash that cuts through any mix, embodying the classic Zildjian sound that has shaped music across genres.

🔹Use: Whether you're into jazz, rock, blues, or experimenting with new rhythms, this cymbal adds a unique, vintage character to your drum kit.


🎤 For Drummers with a Taste for Nostalgia: This cymbal is a piece of musical history. It's ideal for drummers who appreciate the rich legacy of the 1970s music scene and want to incorporate that vibe into their current performances.

Zildjian 14" A. Zildjian '70s Stamp Crash Cymbal 1970s - Traditional

C$129.00 Regular Price
C$99.00Sale Price
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