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Sony PlayStation 4 VR Set - CUH-ZVR2 (2nd Generation)


Condition Note: The Sony PS4 VR Set is in like new condition. Box is not available. It is bundled with a pair of Motion Sensors.


When it comes to virtual reality, go all in with this PlayStation VR Set. Compatible with PS4, the Full HD OLED headset comes with the Move motion controller and PlayStation camera to help fully unlock your system's VR capabilities.


A headset that will open your eyes

  • Headset features a 5.7-inch OLED display with a Full HD 1080p resolution presents games and other VR content in vivid, crystal-clear detail for a natural, lifelike experience
  • Super-smooth frame rate of 120fps means moving and looking around within fantastic digital worlds feels fluid and realistic
  • Specially engineered headset is lightweight, well balanced, and fully adjustable to maximize the comfort for each wearer
  • LEDs embedded around the headset work with the PlayStation camera to instantly track and translate your movements, so when you look up or turn around in the real world, your in-game persona does precisely the same
  • Advanced 3D audio technology lets you navigate VR worlds by hearing as much as by sight, letting you pinpoint sounds above, below, and all around you


A camera that keeps you at the core

  • 3D camera uses depth-sensing technology to precisely track your controller and body in the room and precisely translate your moves in-game
  • Navigational voice commands and facial recognition are among the innovative features that enhance gameplay
  • Voice chat with crystal clear audio lets you strategize or smack talk with friends and competitors; you can even keep the conversation going between rounds, between games, or while kicking back
  • Integrated video features include an optional picture-in-picture of yourself during gameplay

Sony PlayStation 4 VR Set - 2nd Gen

SKU: 05292024_3
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