Sony DT 30mm F2.8 Macro SAM Lens (SAL30M28)


Note: Compatible with 35MM Full Frame or APS-C format A-mount cameras.



  • 2cm working distance, 12.9cm minimum focusing distance

  • Precision optics deliver excellent sharpness and contrast

  • Compact and lightweight: just 45mm long and approx. 150g

  • Responsive internal SAM (Smooth Autofocus Motor) AF drive

  • 35mm equivalent focal length: 45mm


Capture exquisite close-up detail

DT 30mm F2.8 SAM Macro (SAL30M28)

Lightweight and compact, the SAL30M28 lets you get as close as 20mm from your subject and capture macro images with up to 1:1 magnification.


Say goodbye to blur

Pair the lens with a camera by Sony with SteadyShot INSIDE and you’ll enjoy smooth, blur-free results when shooting handheld, even zoomed-in.


Smooth defocusing

Instead of a standard polygon-shaped lens aperture, this lens features a 7-blade circular aperture for more natural, rounded defocusing or ‘bokeh’.


Refined optical performance

Multiple lens elements crafted from high performance optical glass help to minimize distortion and aberration, ensuring crisp, sharp images.


Smooth, silent autofocus

Built into the lens, the Smooth Autofocus Motor (SAM) is significantly smoother and quieter than conventional camera-coupled autofocus drive systems.

Sony DT 30mm F2.8 Macro SAM Lens (SAL30M28)