Pentax 28mm F/3.5 SMC K-Mount Manual Focus Wide Angle Lens


Condition Note: The Pentax 28mm Lens is in excellent condition and bundled with a Hoya 52mm Lens filter. Front lens cap is missing.


From first hand experience with the lens, it appears likely that the lens was optimized for landscape use. Lenses of that vintage often suffered a loss of sharpness toward the corners. Resolution tests, however, demonstrate that the K 28/3.5 as one of the sharpest lens, corner to corner, that Pentax had produced up to that time.



+Great build quality--feels solid but easy to work with. It does have some weight but it feels just right, not large at all
+Aperture and focus ring--smooth, well dampened
+Long focus throw, so easy to focus
+Shoots great at f3.5 (not as fast as the f2.0 "Hollywood" would be, but you would have to pay about 5-6x for that lens!) and seems sharpest around f5.6-8, and thats corner-to-corner
+Great value at $150. The colors, richness and contrast alone are worth it!

Pentax 28mm F/3.5 SMC K-Mount Manual Focus Lens

SKU: 09222021