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Refined 14kt Gold 6.0 grams Native Carved Earrings with Bear Design by Northwest Coast Artist JS


Step into the world of Native American elegance with these 14kt gold earrings, intricately carved with the bear, a revered figure in Northwest Coast culture. These earrings, weighing 2.6 grams and measuring 1 3/8 inches in length, serve as a wearable celebration of art and heritage.


Masterful Artistry in Gold:


Working with gold is a practice reserved for the most skilled and respected artists among Northwest Coast tribes. It's a tradition that demands precision and creativity. Master carvers who work with this precious metal have often dedicated years to perfecting their art, achieving a level of excellence recognized by their community and collectors. The use of gold elevates their traditional designs to a modern luxury standard, creating a timeless piece that bridges cultures and generations.


Bear: Symbol of Strength and Wisdom

The bear is a powerful emblem of bravery and wisdom in many indigenous traditions. Its representation in these earrings is a testament to these qualities, with formline patterns that capture the bear's spirit. These carvings bring the wearer closer to the bear's storied presence in the natural world.


Crafted by Skilled Hands

Crafted with precision by an artisan known by the initials "JS," these earrings are a prime example of the 'formline' art form. This distinctive visual language is central to the artistic expressions of the Northwest Coast tribes. The gold formline bear is a narrative etched in metal, symbolizing a rich lineage of indigenous storytelling and identity.


Wearable Storytelling

Donning these earrings is akin to carrying the narrative of the bear—a story of might, family bonds, and protection. The bear's traits are esteemed by Northwest Coast cultures, and to wear its likeness is to embody the wisdom and power it represents.


Immaculate Artistry

Presented in pristine condition, these earrings shine with the meticulous finish expected from the hands of a master jeweller. The hallmark "JS" etched on the reverse side is a seal of authenticity.


Designed for Presence and Comfort

These earrings balance their visual prominence with a lightness that allows for daily wear. Their design achieves an elegant aesthetic that moves with you, enhancing ceremonial and everyday attire.


Embrace the Bear's Vigor


Awaiting an admirer of fine craftsmanship and cultural depth, these earrings invite you to celebrate the strength and guidance of the bear. Claim this pair as a meaningful addition to your collection, and let the spirit of the bear accompany you on your journey.

Northwest Coast Native Carved 14kt 6gr Gold Earrings with Bear Design - Signed

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