Leica M8.2 10.3MP Rangefinder Digital Camera Body


Condition Note: In excellent condition with some signs of wear on the edges. Comes with the original battery charger. Box is not available.


The Leica M8.2 Interchangeable Lens Rangefinder Digital Camera not only looks like an M model, it faithfully embodies all the advantages of the analog Leica M system to provide sophisticated and creative digital photography. It is the only professional digital camera to use the beneficial rangefinder system, which is discreet, quiet, fast and accurate, and the uncompromising quality criteria of the M system have been applied.


The M8.2 adds to the M8 by providing an innovative Snapshot Mode "S:" for fully automated functioning, and improves durability with a unique sapphire crystal coverglass over the LCD display and a robust "vulcanite" finish over the camera body. It also includes a more compact and faster charger for easier travel.


The Leica M8.2 provides full compatibility with almost all M lenses, and the low-noise CCD image sensor with a resolution of 10.3 million pixels has been specially integrated into the compact lens design, ensuring optimum picture quality. The operation and functionality of the digital M concentrate on what is essential, while useful additional functions provided by digital technology complement the proven M concept. The Leica M8 is a timeless digital camera that is excitingly new and yet comfortingly familiar.


Key Features:

  • 10.3 Megapixel
  • Uses all Leica M Lenses
  • Supports 6 Bit-coding
  • 2.5" Bright LCD Display
  • Sapphire Crystal LCD Coverglass
  • Intuitive Operation
  • Snapshot Mode "S"
  • Durable Design
  • Sensor Cleaning Function


More Info:

Uses all Leica M Lenses

The Leica M lenses are recognized as the best in the world and demonstrate their full capabilities on the Leica M8. The extremely high resolution of all M system lenses since 1954 make them perfect for digital photography. The M8 quite deliberately has no resolution reducing moire© filter in front of the sensor to maintain the full performance of the lens

Supprts M Lenses with 6 Bit-coding

The Leica M8 uses an optical scanner on the camera's bayonet to identify the 6 bit-coding of the current Leica M lenses. This allows the slight vignetting caused by the system to be compensated, further improving the familiar high image quality. The lens type identified is saved in the EXIF data for the image file and the reflector position on modern flash units is adjusted to the image angle depending on the focal length. Existing M lenses can be retroactively 6 bit-coded by the Leica Customer Service department

Modified High Quality Image Sensor

The Kodak CCD technology used in the Leica M8 provides a high basic speed of ISO 160 extending to a maximum speed setting of ISO 2500, and produces pictures with far richer detail than analog films can deliver, and the thickness of the cover glass has been reduced to just 0.5 mm to prevent unwanted refraction - resulting in an image that has uniform brightness right to the edge. To increase the light sensitivity of the CCD sensor, micro lenses are positioned in front of the pixels, and the micro lens structure that is perfectly tailored to the characteristics of the Leica M lenses

Durable Design

The Leica M8.2 is designed to deliver professional results over many years. The enclosed all-metal body is made of a high-strength magnesium alloy while the top and base plates are cut from solid brass blocks and then given a black or silver chrome finish. The battery and the SD card slot are located under the base plate to provide effective protection from dust and moisture. The high resolution 2.5" LCD display is also impressively durable with an ultra scratch-resistant sapphire crystal coverglass that is so hard that it can only be worked with special diamond tools. The camera also sports an easy-grip and robust "vulcanite" finish

Snapshot Mode "S"

The snapshot mode "S" turns the Leica M8.2 into a simple to use fully automatic camera, and is particularly usefull in situations where time is not available for the user to fiddle with camera settings, such as on a vacation or taking pictures of an event. In the "S" setting, the camera controls all the key features automatically, suc