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45.5*16*3 cm approx. (h*w*d)

The Eagle is the king of birds, and is revered by Native tribes for his beauty and regal nature. He is the most respected of all birds, and signifies peace, spirituality and friendship. The Eagle is recognizable by its hooked beak.

The Orca (Killer whale) is the Lord of the Ocean, and the most respected of all sea creatures. Legends tell of great chiefs of the past that have been transformed into this powerful crest. 

The Killer whale symbolizes wealth and long life.


The Raven is known as the trickster because of his wit and sense of humor. He is quick, curious and legends tell of him bringing light to the world. Raven exemplifies creativity, prestige and knowledge, and can be easily identified by its long straight beak.

Killer Whale, Raven, Eagle By Josh George /Squamish Nation

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