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🎸Kala Jazz Tenor Ukulele with Shadow EQ: A Harmony of Style and Sound 🌟


🎨 Condition Notes:

  • Headstock Character: A small, dent between the left machine heads, and a few paint chips showcasing its vintage vibe.
  • Rear Body Story: A subtle cluster of scratches on the left center, narrating its musical journey, and a delicate half-oval scratch near the bottom bezel, framed by a small and fine hairline crack.
  • Front Body: A constellation of tiny paint chips around the bezel, adding character and history.


🎵 Unique Jazz Appeal:

  • Tobacco Burst Finish: A stunning aesthetic that stands out both in looks and sound.
  • Archtop Design: Classic F-holes and white pearloid binding add elegance and a touch of vintage jazz flair.


🌿 Craftsmanship and Tone:

  • Spruce and Mahogany Construction: Offers a rich, warm, and resonant sound that's perfect for jazz and more.
  • Smooth Walnut Fingerboard: Provides a comfortable and enjoyable playing experience.


🎸 Tech-Enhanced Playability:

  • Lightweight Shadow Active Nano-Flex EQ System: For amplifying your music without losing its natural acoustic charm.
  • Versatile Tuning: Chrome die-cast sealed-gear tuners make tuning easy and precise.


👨‍🎤💭 Our Take: "As a lover of both jazz and ukuleles, the Kala Jazz Tenor Ukulele strikes a perfect chord. Its distinctive Tobacco Burst finish and archtop design are not only visually captivating but also contribute to its unique, warm sound. It's a piece of art that encapsulates the spirit of jazz. Ideal for both intimate acoustic sessions and amplified performances, this ukulele is a joy to play and a sight to behold." 🎷🎼

Kala Jazz Tenor Ukulele with Shadow EQ in Tobacco Burst

SKU: 01262022_1
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