IQ UV-C LED Sanitizer Bag - Eliminate bacteria from your daily essentials 



  • Portable, easy to use and great for mobile use and travel
  • Design based on institution grade UV-C LED Sterilization, certified by independent laboratories, including TÜV
  • Ultraviolet light (UV-C) works by destroying the DNA & RNA of disease-causing bacteria
  • 6 UV-C emitting LED ultra-violet lights
  • TUV certified to kill/destroy 99.9% of harmful bacteria
  • Safe for use with mobile phones, keys, jewelry, earbuds, glasses, clothing, office items, wearables, small accessories
  • Steel rack for items placed inside allowing UV-C light to fully disinfect
  • Safe: No liquids, no microwaves, no chemicals
  • Light indicator notifies you when sterilization is complete
  • Safety “auto-off” mode if lid is opened during sterilization
  • Includes: Foldable sanitizer bag, metal rack, instruction manual, AC power adapter ,,***PHONE/HEADPHONES NOT INCLUDED

IQ UV-C LED Sanitizer Bag - Eliminate bacteria from essentials