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Impact Octacool-6 Fluorescent Light Kit with Octabox (6 Lamps) and Manfrotto 051NB Pro Light Stand (Black) - 7.5'


The Impact Octacool-6 Fluorescent Light Kit with Octabox (6 Lamps) is a great choice for the photographer or videographer seeking a broad, flattering light source with unique fall-off characteristics for portraiture, fashion, or events.

Octagonal-shaped light sources have long had a reputation as the preferred portrait-shooter's light source. The shape offers an especially large surface area which produces wrap-around light, which envelopes the subject while creating natural-looking catchlights in the eyes.

The kit is comprised of a separate 6-lamp Octacool light head and removable Octabox. Each of the daylight-balanced 32W lamps outputs 1400 lumens of light for a total of 8400 lumens measured at 3.3 feet. Three switches on the rear of the fixture control 2 lamps each allowing you to vary the output in 2800 lumen increments. The head's standard 5/8" receiver mounts to a huge variety of light stands and gripware with 5/8" studs.

The included Octabox has a removable inner baffle and front face allowing even greater flexibility from hard to ultra-soft light. The light head also comes with a removable aluminum reflector for a bright, contrasty lighting option.

- Includes a 29.5˝ Octabox that provides a soft, uniform, diffused light

- Noiseless operation allows clear audio for video productions

- Cool output allows heat-sensitive subjects to be safely photographed up close

- 32W screw-in fluorescent lamps with a life expectancy of 6000-8000 hours


This Manfrotto 051NB black, anodized, aluminum stand will hold a small light fixture or reflector. This stand rises to a maximum height of 7.5' (2.3 m). It is best suited for location work, since it weighs less than 3 lbs. It has four sections, three risers.


- Quick Set Up; Sets up easily in the matter of seconds

- Versatile Top Stud; Its Baby (5/8") top stud has a 3/8" thread, and a removable 1/4"-20 threaded top.

- Aluminum Locking Collars; Made from pressure die cast aluminum

- Double Braced Leg Base; Provides extra stability, giving the stand more strength.

Impact Octacool-6 Fluorescent Light Kit & Manfrotto Pro Light Stand

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