Hoverbird Red & Green Hoverboards - (Z1 UL2272)


Note: The Hoverboards are available in 2 colours. There are scratch marks all over the body. Working without any issues. Power adapter is not available. Price has been reduced accordingly. ($69 for each hoverboard)


Hoverbird proudly introduces its newest line of safer, self-balancing scooters. These new self-balancing scooters by Hoverbird are certified for electrical and fire safety standards by the UL.

The UL 2272 safety standard requires thorough evaluation of the hoverboard, which includes the inspection of its motor, wiring, circuit board, and switches. The batteries, battery pack, and charger are also purpose-built and tested, as to ensure that your hoverboard buy is a positive experience.

At Hoverbird, we make sure that all of our hoverboards meet the highest quality control standards. We craft our product with only high quality materials during the manufacturing process, and our UL certified hoverboards ensure much safer safer riding than competing products.

Of course, UL certified hoverboards require careful use to ensure riding safety, and users should follow all safety precautions outlined within the product manual.

Hoverbird Red & Green Hoverboards

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