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🌟 Fender Stage 112 SE Guitar Combo Amp: Where Classic Meets Contemporary 🌟


🕵️🎸 Condition Notes:

🔹Vintage Vibe: Shows signs of wear, adding to its retro allure.

🔹Bass Drive Select Knob: Missing but still fully functional, offering a dynamic tonal range.


🔥 Fender Stage 112 SE: A Fusion of Time-Honored Fender Tones & Modern Edge The Fender Stage 112 SE is a solid-state marvel, blending Fender's rich legacy with cutting-edge distortion capabilities. Ideal for guitarists who revere classic Fender sounds yet yearn for modern sonic exploration.


🎛️ Diverse Soundscapes at Your Fingertips:

🔹Normal Channel: Tailor your clean sounds with Volume, Treble, Mid, Bass, and a Mid Shift Button.

🔹Drive Channel: From silky blues to gritty rock, adjust Gain, Volume, Contour, Treble, and Bass.


💡 Sculpt Your Signature Sound:

🔹Gain and Contour Controls: Navigate from mellow blues to punchy rock tones.

🔹Treble & Bass: Customize highs and lows to complement your playing style.


🎼 Unique Features for Enhanced Playability:

🔹Easy-to-Access Controls: All adjustments conveniently located on the front panel.

🔹Detachable Footswitch: Seamlessly toggle between Drive Channel and Reverb.


🔌 Connect and Expand Your Sound:

🔹Versatile Jacks: Use the PREAMP OUT & POWER AMP IN as an effects loop or to link multiple amps.


🔊 Dynamic Power Amp Design:

🔹Tube-like Response: An underdamped design for that classic tube amp feel.

🔹Advanced Protection Scheme: Guards against technical mishaps for undisturbed play.


🎵 Unwavering Performance and Volume:

🔹Stage-Ready: Consistently delivers loud and high-quality sound for live settings.


👨‍🎤 Fender's Unwavering Commitment to Quality:

🔹Decades of Innovation: Over 35 years of pioneering sound design.


💁💭Our Take: "The Fender Stage 112 SE is a beloved gem in our community. Its blend of vintage warmth and versatile modern tones makes it a go-to for various music styles. A testament to Fender's enduring quality and innovation."

Fender Stage 112 SE 2-Channel 160-Watt Guitar Combo Amp

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