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Elegant 14kt Gold 3/4" 11.4 grams Wide Band Ring with Bear and Frog Carving by Charles Harper


A masterpiece embodying the richness of cultural heritage and unparalleled artistic skill, this wide band ring by Charles Harper is a distinguished highlight in Northwest Coast Native American jewelry. Expertly crafted from 14kt gold and weighing 11.4 grams, the ring extends a notable 3/4 inch from base to apex— a rarity for Harper that underscores its uniqueness and tailored craftsmanship. This exceptional width ensures a snug fit around the finger. It serves as a vibrant canvas for showcasing Harper's celebrated formline artistry, deeply ingrained in the traditions and stories of the Northwest Coast. This piece is a testament to Harper's craftsmanship and symbolic depth and proudly stands as a custom commission, marking a unique origin in collaboration with Charles Harper himself.


Artistry Inspired by Legacy

Crafted with the highest respect for traditional designs, this ring is a testament to Charles Harper's lineage within the Frog Clan of Carrier Native (Dakelh). His career, launched in 1974, was fostered under the guidance of master artists like Lloyd Wadhams Senior, and inspired by the profound Kwakiutl Nation's artistry. Harper's pieces, including this ring, resonate with his dedication to cultural expression through his favored mediums of platinum, gold, white gold, and silver.


Bear: Emblem of Depth and Power

On one side of the ring, the bear motif — a totem revered by the Kwakwaka'wakw people — is a declaration of strength, sovereignty, and nurturing. Harper's interpretation of the bear in this ring is a guardian spirit, offering wisdom and protection to its wearer.


Frog: Symbol of Transformation and Life

Mirroring the bear, the frog stands for adaptability and the ever-changing nature of life, a common theme in Northwest Coast art. The frog is a mediator between earth and water, embodying cleansing and renewal, and its depiction on this wide band ring offers clarity and respect for this transformative power.


Bear and Frog: A Synergy of Strength and Renewal

The bear, etched on one side of the ring and the frog, depicted on the opposite side, symbolizes a balance of wisdom and change, grounding and growth. The bear’s grounding energy and the frog’s transformative nature suggest the wearer’s journey through life, embracing change with strength and wisdom.


A Convergence of Craft and Culture by Charles Harper

Charles Harper's signature on this ring is represents a bridge between ancient art forms and contemporary craftsmanship. His unique style, marked by integrity and a gentle spirit, is encapsulated in the formline design that wraps the finger in stories of duality and harmony.


Owning a Piece of the Northwest Coast Spirit

This ring is an embodiment of the soul of the Northwest Coast, as envisioned by Charles Harper. It stands as a statement of cultural pride, sophistication, and the seamless blend of tradition and modernity. Through this ring, Harper invites the wearer to connect with the storied past of the Northwest Coast, carrying forward the legacy of its people and their artistry.

14kt Gold 3/4" 11.4 grams Ring with Bear and Frog Carving by Charles Harper

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