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Digitech Tone Driver Overdrive Pedal - Very Good Condition - No Battery/AC Adapter/Box


Unleash the beast with the Digitech Tone Driver Overdrive pedal! This powerhouse pedal delivers everything from warm overdrives to screaming leads that can cut through any mix. In very good condition, it's ready to fuel your guitar tone with that extra edge it's been missing.



  • Versatile Overdrive Range: Dial in everything from smooth, subtle boosts to aggressive, crunchy overdrive.
  • Morphing Feature: Seamlessly transition between different types of overdrive for dynamic playing.
  • Level, Tone, and Gain Controls: Craft your perfect sound with precision.
  • Dual Outputs: The pedal offers both amp and mixer outputs, providing flexibility in your setup.
  • Sturdy Construction: Built to withstand the rigors of the road and keep you rocking.


Types of Usage:

  • Gigging Guitarists: Stand out on stage with overdrive tones that can define a set. 
  • Home Recording: Spice up your recordings with rich, characterful overdrive layers. 
  • Jam Sessions: Bring new energy and inspiration to your jamming with friends. 
  • All Music Genres: Whether you play rock, blues, indie, or anything in between, the Tone Driver adds that perfect touch. 


Please note that this pedal does not come with a battery, AC adapter, or original box. It's a fantastic opportunity for guitarists looking to expand their sonic palette with a versatile and robust overdrive pedal.


Don't let this chance slip by to add serious tone-shaping power to your pedalboard. Message now to capture the gritty essence of the Digitech Tone Driver Overdrive pedal in your music!

DigiTech Tone Driver Overdrive Pedal

SKU: 02232024_2
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