Canon EOS Elan 7N 35mm SLR Autofocus Film Camera (Body Only)


Condition Note: The Canon SLR Film Camera is in very good condition. It has not been tested and sold as is.


The Elan 7n is the fourth generation of the extremely popular Elan series of cameras. The compact body incorporates a durable metal top plate and a more simplified control layout than the previous Elan and Elan II cameras. Key to the Elan 7's use is its 7-point autofocus system, which has now been improved to be even faster than before. Film transport retains the famed Whisper Drive silence, and 13 custom functions allow the user to have total control.



- Small ergonomic design with simplified control layout

- E-TTL II provides distance-based flash metering information

- Built-in 4-frames-per-second motor drive

- Backlit LCD display


AF Performance
It's never been so easy to achieve perfect focus so quickly. The Elan 7N/7NE have the fastest AF ever in an ELAN-series camera. Whether your subjects are moving or stationary. The Elan 7N/7NE offer class-leading AF that rivals the focus speed of top-of-the-line pro SLRs.

With AI Servo, One Shot and AI Focus modes, the AF system can adapt to any situation. AI Servo AF is perfect for moving subjects. The camera follows the subject continuously until the shutter is released, continuously adjusting focus for sharp results.

7-Point AF with Eye Control
The Elan 7N/7NE has more focusing points and greater off-center focusing coverage than any other camera in its class. Focusing point selection keys make manual selection of focus points effortless, and focus points are clearly displayed in the camera's viewfinder. Built-in Dioptric adjustment corrects for the user's vision, and allows for easy shooting with or without glasses.

Use the Elan 7NE's exclusive Eye Controlled Focus for instant, intuitive AF in almost any situation. The Eye Controlled Focus System tracks the glance of the eye, integrating composition and focus into one uninterrupted step. Canon's fastest Eye Control system to date, it works whether the camera is oriented horizontally or vertically.

Advanced, Multi-mode Exposure Metering
The EOS Elan 7N/7NE features an advanced 35-zone evaluative light metering system that is linked to the camera's focusing points. To assure the highest level of contrast and clarity, Canon's AIM system integrates evaluative metering and focus information, but whether using automated 35-zone metering, partial-area metering or center-weighted metering, the Elan 7N/7NE assures that your exposures come out just right.

The EOS Elan 7N/7NE uses Canon's advanced 35-zone Evaluative Metering for fast, accurate control of shooting environments that combine light and shadow or strong backlight. Precise metering is assured whether shooting in vertical or horizontal positions.

Partial-Area Metering measures 10% of the viewfinder at the center or around the chosen focusing point, to provide pinpoint accuracy when metering shadows, highlights or subjects against very bright or dark backgrounds.

With Center-Weighted Metering, the EOS Elan 7N/7NE measures the entire scene while placing greater emphasis on what appears in the center of the frame. It is often the chosen method of experienced photographers.

Shooting Function
Use the Elan 7N/7NE's command dial to suit the camera to any kind of photographic situation. Choose one of the fully automatic functions in the Image Zone, or, for more user-controlled features, including fully manual operation, click to the Creative Zone.

Enhanced Functions
The Elan 7N/7NE features a host of other functions to enhance the photographic experience. Features like AE lock, Auto Exposure Bracketing, Multiple Exposure Control and Self-timer ensure that the Elan 7N/7NE can do anything you want it to. Canon's Whisper Drive quiet film transport technology minimizes film advance noise, even when shooting in continuous mode, making the Elan 7N/7NE the quietest EOS on the market!

New Distance-based E-TTL II Flash Metering
The new Elan 7N /7NE go beyond any previous EOS 35mm SLR with the new distance-based E-TTL II flash metering system. Attach any Ex-series Speedlite, and most Canon EF lenses provide distance information to the camera--insuring that direct flash exposures are more accurate than ever before. Distance-based E-TTL II is especially powerful when shooting abnormally light or dark subjects. Canon's E-TTL II provides flash performance no other camera in this price category can match. Shoot flash pictures with full automatic exposure, using FP (hi-speed sync), up to the camera's top speed 1/4000 of a second. Take 10% partial readings of flash illumination and lock them into memory with Flash Exposure lock (FEL). Or use anywhere from one to an unlimited number of 550EX and/or 420EX speedlites off-camera, and not only have fully automatic exposure control, but even vary flash ratios over a six-stop range--without ever touching an off-camera flash unit!

Both the Elan 7N and 7NE have a powerful and convenient built-in flash, with a guide number of 42.6 (feet, ISO 100). Using standard off-the-film TTL flash control, this flash recycles in two seconds, and also has a red-eye reduction illuminator.

EF Lenses
The choice of professionals and hobbyists worldwide, Canon EF Lenses are masterpieces of innovative design and superior optics. Canon's advanced research and engineering places EF Lenses in a class by themselves. Unsurpassed in value and quality, there are more than 50 EF Lenses compatible with the EOS Elan 7N/7NE.

Canon EOS Elan 7N 35mm SLR Autofocus Film Camera

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