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🎶 Bose SoundLink Color II: Your Ultimate Sound Adventure Awaits 🌐


🎉 Embrace Every Beat, Everywhere: With the Bose SoundLink Color II, every location becomes a stage. Its versatility and robust design bring unmatched sound quality to all your adventures. Ready, set, play! 🌍🔊


🕵️Condition and Quality:

🔹Like New: This Bose speaker appears in pristine condition.

🔹Accessory Alert: Comes with a USB charging cable. Original box🚫 not included.


🔊 Notable Features for the Audiophile:

🔹Bose Innovation: Experience powerful, rich sound packed in a small, water-resistant body, perfect for outdoor adventures.

🔹Built-in Microphone: Clear, convenient calls with a wireless range of about 30 feet. Ideal for both personal and conference calls.


Rugged and Portable:

🔹Soft Touch Exterior: Easy to handle with a durable, silicone body, designed for life on the move.

🔹User-Friendly Interface: Voice prompts simplify Bluetooth pairing, plus quick-pairing with NFC devices.

🔹Long-Lasting Battery: Up to 8 hours of playtime on a single charge, ensuring your music lasts as long as your adventures do.

🔹Smart Connectivity: Wireless Bluetooth pairing with voice prompts for effortless control and hands-free access to phone assistants.


💁💭 Our Take: "The SoundLink Color II has been a game-changer for us. Whether we're hiking, at a beach party, or just lounging at home, its robust sound and easy portability make it the ideal music companion. Its durability in various environments means we never have to worry about where we take it. It's not just a speaker; it's our trusty sidekick for every memorable moment."

Bose SoundLink Color II Portable Bluetooth Speaker

SKU: 74167
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