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Bacon Symphonie Silver Bell Banjo - A Sparkle of Vintage Glamour


Step into the spotlight with the Bacon Symphonie Silver Bell Banjo, a truly glamorous instrument that captures the essence of the late 1960s flair. Designed to shine under the bright lights of a stage, this banjo combines the opulence of gold plating and rhinestones with the quality craftsmanship of Gretsch. It's not just a musical instrument; it's a piece of history that still holds its charm and sound integrity.


Condition Overview:

  • The banjo head shows signs of wear consistent with its age and usage.
  • Noticeable cosmetic issues include small chips on the right bezel of the headstock and a light crack on the lower bottom bezel, detailed in the final photo.
  • Gold plating has faded in some areas, adding to its vintage character.
  • The bottom of the neck has been reinforced, ensuring stability and playability as shown in the second to last photo.


Design & Features:

  • Appearance: Features a luxurious design with gold plating and dazzling rhinestones adorning the headstock, ideal for performances that require a visually stunning instrument.
  • Build: Constructed with a maple neck and a flat plate resonator that enhances its tonal clarity. The bound ebony fretboard offers smooth playability.
  • Head: Equipped with an 11″ clear Remo Weather King head, known for its durability and clear tone.
  • Hardware: Includes 24 brackets and shoes, a flat top Silver Bell tone ring, and an 'f' hole flange that contributes to its distinctive sound. The banjo also features an original engraved Oettinger tailpiece and Page E geared tuners for precise tuning.
  • Mute: Comes with a B&D knee mute, allowing for quick sound adjustments during live performances.


Specifications Snapshot:

  • Nut Width: 1-3/16", providing a comfortable grip for various playing styles.
  • Scale Length: 22-1/4", suitable for both spirited and gentle playing techniques.
  • Tuners: Page E geared tuners, ensuring the banjo remains in tune across performances.
  • Tailpiece: Original engraved Oettinger, adding to its authenticity and aesthetic appeal.


Included Accessories:

  • No additional accessories included. The banjo maintains its classic setup, ready to play straight out of the case.


Our Take:

The Bacon Symphonie Silver Bell Banjo is not only a testament to the legacy of its era but also a functional piece for today's musicians. Whether you're looking to dazzle an audience with its sparkling appearance or cherish it as a collector's item, this banjo promises to be a conversation starter and a joy to play. Perfect for banjo enthusiasts and stage performers alike, it brings a touch of historical elegance to any musical collection.

Bacon Symphonie Silver Bell Banjo

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